From TikTok Sensation to Viral Star: The Journey of Samxfrank (2024)


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Content creator and TikTok star Samantha Frank – professionally Samxfrank – was born on 5th April 2003, in Long Island, New York, USA, and has already amassed millions of followers across several social media platforms, thanks to her lip-sync videos and more.

Little is known of Samantha’s early years and home life, but it’s highly likely that her parents divorced, as she is said to have six half-siblings. The former high school cheerleader reportedly garnered 120,000 TikTok followers until her first account was disabled for unspecified reasons; she then began using her @sam..frank account, later switching to her current @spcyysamm handle.

Lately, Samantha is hopping onto a popular trend which sees TikTokers and other social media celebrities go around “interviewing” strangers on the streets, typically asking outrageous questions to get an interesting answer. In most of these short videos, Samantha – who takes pride in her toned physique – normally wears skimpy outfits, which have become the main talking point of her online content since she first appeared on the scene.

The New Yorker also likes to use her social media revenue for good deeds, and has previously uploaded videos in which she buys young children expensive toys, or hands small sums of money out to strangers. While it’s possible that some of her interactions are actually carefully elaborated skits, they make for entertaining viewing nevertheless.

Samantha is known for her light-hearted and somewhat superficial content, but in 2022 the brunette shared during a podcast appearance that she wished to rebrand as a mental health advocate, after losing a loved one to suicide. For now, we have no information regarding the TikToker’s work to raise awareness in this field.

Former Relationships

In early 2020, Samantha began dating Jack Doherty, a fellow social media personality and YouTuber, whose online career dates back to 2016. Best-known for his pranks and market flipping content, Jack was born in October 2003 and is of Irish-Polish descent. He was raised alongside siblings Joanna and Michael, and hit the coveted one million subscriber milestone on YouTube in January 2018.

Despite his online fame, Jack intelligently decided to keep studying, and matriculated from North Shore High School in 2021. Although the Doherty family currently lives in Los Angeles, the TikToker has been living alone for a while now, and uploaded a tour video of his new home – which is apparently valued at a cool $10 million, in August 2023.

From TikTok Sensation to Viral Star: The Journey of Samxfrank (1)

Not all attention is positive, as in December 2020 Jack featured in an episode of Dr. Phil’s show entitled “Neighborhood Prankster or Menace to Society?”. The YouTuber, who was reportedly banned from Walmart locations across the country after filming one too many disruptive videos on their premises, was brought to the show after a number of run-ins with a female neighbor who was tired of him loudly riding his dirt bike past her house.

Jack ignored Dr. Phil’s advice, and when his neighbor, Rachel, was brought out to share her side of the story, he was decidedly unremorseful. Despite apologizing for riding his dirt bike by Rachel’s house, the YouTuber also pointed out that he could’ve posted her face online. When the episode was cut short due to his attitude, Jack was unceremoniously asked to leave, and later recorded a reaction video alongside his parents, in which he claimed to have used the show for publicity.

A few months later, Jack moved out of his parent’s home and relocated to Beverly Hills with a group of friends – and although his problems with Rachel ended, he soon landed himself in hot water after arguing with his new next-door neighbors and filming the interactions. When his landlord’s son came over to discuss the issue, Jack decided to also film the heated confrontation, and was eventually evicted when he refused to take the video down.

By this time, Jack and Samantha had already broken up and – you guessed it – uploaded a video in which they discussed the reasons behind their split. However, the YouTubers remain on good terms and collaborate to this day, with Jack uploading videos such as “Asking Out My EX GIRLFRIEND … (Bad Idea)” and “Saying YES To My EX For 24 Hours !”. These videos are, of course, clickbait and Samantha is fully aware of what will be happening before filming.

And you kids think the Sam Frank relationship is real, but the kids faking this sh*t?

Kayn the manager putting his experience to work!

— GT3RS (@GT3ArS) November 14, 2023

Current Relationship

In 2023, Samantha began dating Fortnite streamer N3on (birth name Rangesh Mutama). Like Jack, N3on began uploading YouTube videos in 2016, and never looked back, although his content is rather different. Even so, he’s no stranger to public controversy after a number of distasteful publicity stunts.

The Indian-American gamer, who was born in August 2004 and currently resides in Chicago, went viral for all the wrong reasons when he faked his death in December 2019. At the time, the YouTuber had 240,000 subscribers, and sparked concern after uploading the first video, “N3on Is Dying…”, in which his brother claimed that N3on was in critical condition after suffering a seizure and being diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Two days later, a follow-up video was uploaded entitled “N3on’s Final Words…” and caused similar uproar in the YouTube gaming community. On 26th December 2019, a compilation video of his best moments was uploaded on the video-sharing platform, amidst claims that N3on had passed away after unsuccessful surgery.

Obviously, netizens began to smell a rat when N3on claimed to have made a miraculous discovery less than a week later. Another YouTuber named JT decided to expose him, and a number of online gamers and other content creators then hopped onto the bandwagon by criticizing N3on for his attention-seeking videos.

A mere three months later, N3on claimed to have caught COVID-19 from his brother, which turned out to be another lie. JT once again exposed N3on, and the Fortnite gamer finally apologized publicly, and took down his COVID-19 and fake death videos. Nevertheless, the internet never forgets, and his reputation took a serious hit after the back-to-back incidents.

Back to Samantha – her on-off relationship with N3on has been highly publicized, and although they allegedly broke up after a few months due to her cheating, they continue to make videos together. In a recent upload, Samantha gifted N3on an extravagant $20,000 Rolex, and in another video, they even underwent a couples’ therapy session with fellow YouTuber Bradley Martyn.

Most of N3on’s content these days is centered around his relationship with Samantha, and due to his past antics, very few netizens believe that they were ever dating. However, they’re still tuned in, and at the end of the day, that’s possibly all that matters.

From TikTok Sensation to Viral Star: The Journey of Samxfrank (2024)


What does Sam Frank do for a living? ›

Samantha Frank, who is commonly known as Sam Frank, has garnered acclaim as a TikTok content creator and influencer. Despite encountering controversies, she has successfully nurtured a substantial online fan base with her engaging content.

Did Neon and Sam break up? ›

You know, it was something that didn't work out. I guess wrong place, wrong time." Addressing the reason behind the breakup, he mentioned that it stemmed from a recent screenshot circulating online, alleging that Sam had cheated on Rangesh: "It all started from a stupid a*s screenshot that came out.

Who is Neon's girlfriend? ›

neon's girlfriend, sam frank, almost gets arrested for spitting on vit... sam frank | TikTok.

How old is Sam Frank N3on? ›

But while N3on is well-known in the streaming world, many are asking the question – who is Sam Frank? Aged 21, the popular streamer's girlfriend has carved a niche for herself.

Are Sam and Neon dating? ›

We're not dating anymore, so it doesn't even matter.

Are Sam and Rebecca dating? ›

While the chemistry between Toheeb Jimoh's Sam and Hannah Waddingham's Rebecca is undeniable and, in one sense, made us want to root for them, we're glad the romance ended when it did – and we're also glad that Ted Lasso season three, so far, has practically chosen to ignore it.

Do Sam and Rebecca ever hook up? ›

Rebecca finally falls for Sam after he saves her from Robin's scheme, and after three years of suppressed attraction the two have sex in the Cheers office, leaving it wrecked. Rebecca later confessed to Sam it was one of the most powerful moments in her life.

Do Sam and Rebecca end up together? ›

As fate would have it, Sam actually decided to join the Nigerian national team after Ted's departure. These moves put more distance between Sam and Rebecca, and while the pair remained on good terms, a future relationship between the two seems unlikely.

How old is neon? ›

Neon's Age Confusion

A-N3RD confirms Neon's age as 19, highlighting the unique clarity in Neon's age compared to other agents.

Who does neon hate? ›

Later in life, Neon started working for Kingdom's K-SEC subsidiary, and had a negative run in with Chamber, who she now has a distaste for.

How did Sam Frank become popular? ›

Sam started her career on TikTok where she amassed a following by making lip-sync and dance videos. The 21-year-old influencer also participated in and claimed the second runner-up position in Miss Philippines USA. Sam would later join the new streaming platform, Kick, where she would often collaborate with N3on.

Did Jack Doherty date Sam Frank? ›

Will neon get used like Jack did?

When was Sam Frank born? ›

TikTok Star Sam Frank was born in Long Island, New York, United States on April 5, 2003. She's 20 years old today. Became a popular short-form lip-sync and dance content creator known for sharing videos on her samxfrank TikTok account.


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