GoldATM’s Momentum and Growth Continues with Launch of Online Store (2024)

MIAMI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 24, 2024--

Thanks to the growing interest and awareness in gold, GoldATM, the ATM industry’s emerging leader and first provider of true Gold ATMs, is advancing even faster with the addition of the company's new online e-commerce store, branded as Autm.

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GoldATM's new online store makes the purchase and ownership of Goldback bills available to even more retail customers. (Photo: Business Wire)

Following the Q1 launch of the world’s first Gold ATM kiosks in Utah and Nevada, GoldATM has quietly added an online storefront as well to keep up with the growing demand for Goldback bills, which make the purchase of small amounts of gold much less expensive and more convenient for all.

“By advancing the distribution channel for Goldback bills, we’re democratizing gold ownership,” says GoldATM Co-Founder and CEO Andrew Carey. “Goldback bills are flexible, durable, and most importantly, available to all, for as little as $20. Our new online store will allow customers to purchase Goldbacks and other gold products with a debit or credit card and have them conveniently shipped to their home.”

While the company’s installed base of Gold ATMs is expanding rapidly, the additional availability for online purchase with a debit and credit card is expanding interest and distribution of the bills at an even faster pace that has spurred record growth for the company during March, April, and May.

The Accelerating Interest in Goldbacks

The ownership of gold for novelty or as a “just in case” form of investment and currency has never been higher -- but the purchase price of retail gold is out of reach for the general marketplace at an entry price of approximately $2,000-plus.

But a growing number of consumers are interested in the availability of Goldback bills, which are made of pure 24-carat gold, are a convenient way to carry and store gold for potential use as an alternative currency or just a gift to a loved one.

Prior to the recent MoneyShow Investment Masters Symposium in Miami, Kevin Harrington, original star of the hit show "Shark Tank," noted the growing fascination with Goldbacks in an April 6 interview.

“I love this,” Harrington said. “As gifts, ways to get more people in tune with finance, money and gold values, and even educationally for kids – I encourage everybody to be checking these out.”

In the interview, Harrington also noted that the 1 million Goldback bills currently owned and in circulation equates to an estimated 5 million people exposed to the concept so far.

Carey notes that several thousand users have registered and conducted transactions with Gold ATMs in Nevada and Utah, with thousands more now purchasing the bills through the GoldATM website as well.

As previously reported in February, GoldATM is continuing its plans to deploy several thousand Gold ATMs throughout the U.S. within the coming two years, with South Florida in Miami and North Carolina on tap as the company’s most imminent additional retail locations. Carey has reiterated confirmation of ongoing discussions with prospective international partners as well.

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About GoldATM is a privately-held company that is the first organization to create true gold ATMs that can instantly convert cash into Goldbacks. Pure 99.99% 24-karat gold that resemble cash. As the world has shown increasing demand and desire to purchase and own gold as a tangible asset, GoldATM makes buying gold convenient, easy and practical for everyone, for as little as $20.

Response to GoldATM’s initial 2024 launch in Utah and Nevada has exceeded expectations thus far, with rapid additional U.S. expansion continuing via sales of Goldbacks through the company’s website and several hundred additional Gold ATMs anticipated in the near term nationwide.

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GoldATM’s Momentum and Growth Continues with Launch of Online Store (2024)


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