Standard Bank Learnership Programme 2021 (2024)

1. Graduates | Learnerships - Standard Bank

  • Are you looking to enter the job market? The Standard Bank Learnerships opportunities allows graduates or matriculants to gain a new or additional qualification ...

  • In honour of our 150th anniversary in 2012, we launched our 150 bursary and scholarship fund, designed to promote academic excellence (in various disciplines within commerce, science, engineering and technology) and to target a range of recipients

2. Learnerships with Standard Bank Group

  • Bevat niet: 2021 | Resultaten tonen met:2021

  • Earn while you learn, develop employable skills and work towards achieving your dreams – with an SAQA accredited qualification at the end.

3. Standard Bank: Operations Learnership 2021 - Puff & Pass

  • Closing Date: 17 January 2021. Location: Johannesburg. Start Date: 01 April 2021. End Date: 31 March 2022. Stipend: R4 000 per month. Requirements.

  • Puff and Pass provides a listing of the latest information about bursaries and internships for undergraduate students in South Africa.

4. Careers at Standard Bank Group

5. Standard Bank Learnerships 2023 / 2024 -

  • Standard Bank invites unemployed graduates to apply for Commercial Banking Graduate / Internship Programme 2023. Internship Location: Johannesburg, Guateng ...

  • StudentRoomDecember 16, 2022

6. Standard Bank Learnership Programme 2022 for young South ...

  • 4 apr 2022 · The programme integrates practical and theory, and includes both structured work experience and structured learning with an accredited training ...

  • Application Deadline:  30 June 2022.

7. Graduates | CF: CA(SA) Training programme - Standard Bank

  • - Graduate Diploma in Accounting (GDA) or equivalent. Citizenship: South African. Duration: 36 months. Applications open from 15 February to 15 June 2021. For ...

  • t's vital you take the time to understand which graduate programme is right for you, so make sure you read through this section and size up the full range of our opportunities. Entry requirements and course structure vary considerably, but there's one thing all of our programmes have in common: you'll be developing your skills, gaining experience and contributing to real-world results from the moment you join us.

8. The Standard Bank Tsholofelo Learnership 2021 for young South ...

  • 22 jan 2021 · Preferred Qualification and Experience · Be a South African Citizen with a valid ID Document · Be between the ages of 18 and 30 · Be able to speak, ...

  • Standard Bank is the largest bank in Africa and our highly visible brand, award-winning service, and strong global presence helps us maintain our market-leading position. We place huge value on the talent of our people to drive our continued success, and to support our plans for growth.

9. Standard Bank 2023 / 2024 -

  • Standard Bank invites applicants to apply for Cash and Everyday Banking Graduate Programme 2020 / 2021. Internship Application Closing Date: 15 June 2020 ...

  • StudentRoomDecember 16, 2022

10. Standard Bank: Learnerships 2021 (Only Grade 12 required)

  • 27 dec 2020 · We focus mainly on Learnerships, Internships, Graduate programmes and entry level positions which require very little to no experience.

  • At Standard Trust we want to help our clients build a more prosperous tomorrow by helping them to manage, grow and protect what is most important to them today. We have a qualified and dedicated team of fiduciary specialists that work to ensure that...

11. Multiple Standard Bank Learnership Opportunities - iHarare Jobs

  • 11 jan 2023 · Access your entire financial world with Standard Bank | Global Africa ... Data Engineering Learnership Programme. Requirements. Completed ...

  • Applications are invited from eligible students for the Standard Bank Learnership Opportunities.....

12. Standard Bank: Group Card and Payments Learnerships 2021

  • 7 mei 2021 · Group Card & Payments Learnership Programme 2021 If you are interested in driving a purpose that looks at ensuring great customer ...

  • Group Card & Payments Learnership Programme 2021 If you are interested in driving a purpose that looks at ensuring great customer satisfaction and making the customers dream possible, this Learnership is an ideal opportunity to enter the world...

13. RSA Bursary and Learnerships Channel - Facebook

  • 17 dec 2020 · Standard Bank: Learnerships 2021 Standard Bank invites unemployed youth to apply for Learnership Programme 2021. Learner Allowance: R4 000 ...

  • See posts, photos and more on Facebook.

14. [PDF] The Standard Bank Tsholofelo Learnership - GoCareers

  • transactional banking roles - to be considered as and when vacancies become available. View our most recent jobs ne. Consultant Fi. 01 May 2021. End Date: 31st ...

15. Standard Bank Learnerships - Quantify Your Future

  • Bevat niet: 2021 | Resultaten tonen met:2021

  • We believe in the power of young people to drive the future of Africa. That’s why we’re committed to investing in individuals like you – so you can grow, progress and take ownership of your tomorrow…and leave a legacy for generations to come. With a Standard Bank Group Learnership, that’s exactly what you’ll do. Earning

Standard Bank Learnership Programme 2021 (2024)


How much does standard bank learnership pay? ›

This 18 month Learnership pays R6500 per month. If you are interested in engaging with customers, solving their problems and have a high passion for sales and service than this learnership is an ideal opportunity to enter the world of banking.

How much do learnerships pay in South Africa per month? ›

How much does Learnership in South Africa pay? The average Learnership monthly salary ranges from approximately R 6 214 per month for Plumber to R 7 911 per month for Rigger.

How to get a learnership in South Africa? ›

How do I apply for a learnership if I am unemployed? Register with the Department of Labour as a work-seeker. Always keep your contact details up to date. The labour centre will then contact you if you meet the minimum criteria for the learnership of a specific employer.

Who is the highest paid bank worker? ›

The best-paying jobs in major banks include financial analysts, accountants, and managers overseeing financial operations, marketing, and sales. Most of the highest-paying jobs major banks offer require at least a bachelor's degree and several years of experience.

How much does Standard Bank make? ›

Standard Bank Group recorded headline earnings of R42. 9 billion for the 12 months to 31 December 2023 (FY23), up 27% on the prior year (FY22) and delivered a return on equity of 18.8%.

How many hours is a learnership? ›

A Learnership usually constitutes 120+ credits or 1200+ "notional" hours of learning, which is equivalent to a one-year full-time college or university course.

What is the difference between apprenticeship and learnership? ›

Learnerships offer a structured learning environment and are designed to prepare learners for a specific occupation or industry. On the other hand, if you are interested in a specific trade or craft and want to gain hands-on experience, then an apprenticeship may be the right choice for you.

What are the benefits of learnerships? ›

Learnerships provide quality training, and practical experience that help students work towards an NQF qualification, all at the same time. You might not be guaranteed a job, learnership courses set students up for professional success, giving them a much better chance of finding a job.

Are learnerships effective in South Africa? ›

They are central to skills upliftment in South Africa and in bringing young people onto the employment ladder and into solid career and employment trajectories. The benefits for employers and learners are ample.

Can a learnership be online? ›

An employed learnership can be run either as a classroom based program or as a blended online program.

What is the difference between learnership and scholarship? ›

Learners receive a stipend during their training. **Scholarships**, on the other hand, are financial awards given to students to help them pursue their studies. Scholarships are often based on academic or other achievements and are not tied to specific work obligations.

How much is a learnership stipend in South Africa? ›

Learners enrolled in the MICT SETA funded learnership programmes are eligible for a monthly stipend of R2,500. Stipends are disbursed to learners who have successfully attended the learnership programme and fulfilled all programme requirements in accordance with the terms and conditions.

Is CV needed for learnership? ›

According to Naidoo, learnerships bridge the academic information obtained in high school with the practical abilities required in the workplace. Your CV is a reflection of you, and how it is presented will determine whether or not you get noticed.

What do you need to work at a bank in South Africa? ›

A National Senior Certificate that meets the requirements for a diploma or degree course is required. Experience working in an office environment or in customer service, and particularly cash-handling experience, is recommended.

How much do you get paid in Absa learnership? ›

The average Learnership base salary at Absa is ZAR 84K per year.

What is the role of a universal banker in a standard bank? ›

What Does a Universal Banker Do? A universal banker is a customer-facing position in a bank. As a universal banker, your responsibilities include opening new accounts, assisting customers with transactions, reviewing documents for accuracy or legal compliance, and verifying the identity of account holders.

How long is the Coca-Cola learnership? ›

A learner embarking on this Qualification needs to obtain a minimum value of 120 credits to qualify for the Qualification; this learnership runs over a period of 12 months.

Why do you want to enter this learnership programme? ›

I am eager to use my knowledge and skills to contribute to your organization and to learn as much as possible from the experience. This learnership experience will provide me with a valuable foundation in the industry, and I am eager to build on this foundation in the years to come.


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